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Somerhill Farm
is located in the hills of southeastern Ohio. 
The highlight of the farm is the large flock of rare
and beautiful Bluefaced Leicester sheep.
Lisa also has a rabbitry with prize winning French
and Satin Angora Rabbits
The animals of Somerhill are a hardworking bunch, producing many wonderful products for sale.  

The sheep give a variety of products. 
Registered breeding stock of all ages can be purchased; tender,delicious meat; and then there is the wool!   Fine, silky, luxurious locks in white and natural colors in raw form or dyed and processed into rovings,  many with other luxury fibers including angora, alpaca, and kid mohair.

And the rabbits do their part, as well. 
The French & Satin Angoras are well known for their winning ways at rabbit shows in Ohio and beyond.  They are all registered, and many are
Grand Champions.  They make wonderful pets
and spinning companions.

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To contact Somerhill Farm
Phone: Chuck & Lisa Rodenfels

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